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Our staff of dedicated editors and designers works closely with new and established authors, including scholars whose first language is not English. They’ll manage most of the process, so you can continue to focus on teaching.

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If your Original manuscript isn’t quite ready, don’t worry. You can submit chapters collectively or individually as they’re completed – it’s your choice. For customized textbooks, you can upload materials as you get them. Just be sure to provide citations with each submitted piece, so we can begin the copyright clearance process.

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Your content needs to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. That’s why Rylan offers the fastest turnaround time from submission to publishing. No more stale, outdated textbooks stuck in the cog of a slow publishing schedule; with Rylan, we’re always available and responsive, so your content is always fresh and relevant.

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Our versatile production process gives you flexibility and control, so you can make changes virtually every semester.

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