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    Abbie E. Smith-Ryan,
    Jose Antonio
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    Fall, Spring, Summer

Sports Nutrition and Performance Enhancing Supplements

Course Details

The Sports Nutrition and Performance Enhancing book was designed for health and fitness students and professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of nutrition, learn how to help clients implement healthy food choices into their daily routine and understand how to address special nutritional needs for different types of clients, from those simply looking to get healthier to competitive athletes. You'll learn how to select the correct choices of nutrition and supplements that will help your clients turn smart choices into long-term habits.

LMS Access and Features

  • End of chapter questions and test banks
  • Supplementary PowerPoint presentations
  • Easy to understand chapter abstracts

Course Information

  • Class Start: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Course Duration: 4 Month
  • Total Credits: 3 or Professional Sports Nutritionist Certificate
  • Student Capacity: No limit
  • Class Schedule: Varies
  • Course Teachers: 03

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