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    Lynn H. White, Ph.D.
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    Fall, Spring, Summer

Statistics Straight up:

Course Details

The book focuses on the importance of knowing how to use statistics as a tool for understanding data, rather than stressing hand calculations, theorems, and derivation formulas. White described how she wrote with a casual, storybook approach using characters like Winnie the Pooh and Tom and Jerry to illustrate concepts.

LMS Access and Features

  • Real Life SPSS application available on the LMS platform
  • Access to Surveys and Quiz Banks
  • Hands on and easy to understand approach rather than a formula based approach

Course Information

  • Class Start: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Course Duration: 4 Month
  • Total Credits: 3
  • Student Capacity: No limit
  • Class Schedule: Varies
  • Course Teachers: 03

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